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How To Earn with Netizen

To Refer a Friend


1. Tap the (+) sign on your Netizen App to know your referral code.

2. Share it with your Pinoy OFW friends and family. You can also share it on your Social Media accounts.

3. When your friend makes their first international remittance into their Netizen account using Wise, you will get 100 Php and your friend will get 700 Php. 

4. Tell your friends to make their first transfer within 3 months to be eligible! 

Note: Netizen / Netbank reserves the right to adjust or withdraw this offer at any time. 


How will I get the referral fee?

Referral fee will be credited to your Netizen Savings Account after 2 to 5 days of the completed remittance transaction date. 

Why might the referral fee not be provided?

  • The system will only pay a referral fee if there is a completed transaction, from a new customer, who first contacted Wise via the link in Netizen. This means that the following may result in the payment not being made:

    • Your first transaction was incomplete or rejected, for example, the bank account number on the receiving bank was wrong or there was a problem with the details.

    • The sender already has an account with Wise, or someone using the same computer or IP address has a Wise account

    • The sender has previously clicked on a 'referral link' with Wise, or someone using the same computer or IP address clicked on a link

    • There was a long delay between opening the account and making the first payment - this needs to happen within 90 days

What happens if I don't receive the referral fee? 

Netbank will automatically make you a payment if our system registers your inbound transaction, but will not be able to make a payment if it does not register correctly.

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