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How to claim your first Remittance Bonus
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Bonus Program Mechanics


1. Enter the referral code from your friend, family, or co-workers when you open a Netizen account.

2. Go to ‘Cash-in from abroad’ in the Netizen app and sign-up with Wise. Make your first transfer to your Netizen account within 3 months.

3. After 2 to 5 days of the completed remittance transaction date, we will make a P700 payment directly into your Netizen account!

4. You can then share a referral code with your friends and start earning!

Note: You are only eligible for a bonus if you are not yet signed up with Wise. 

What happens if I don't receive the referral fee? 

Netbank will automatically make you a payment if our system registers your inbound transaction, but will not be able to make a payment if it does not register correctly.

Why might the referral fee not be provided?

  • The system will only pay a referral fee if there is a completed transaction, from a new customer, who first contacted Wise via the link in Netizen. This means that the following may result in the payment not being made:

    • Your first transaction was incomplete or rejected, for example, the bank account number on the receiving bank was wrong or there was a problem with the details.

    • The sender already has an account with Wise, or someone using the same computer or IP address has a Wise account

    • The sender has previously clicked on a 'referral link' with Wise, or someone using the same computer or IP address clicked on a link

    • There was a long delay between opening the account and making the first payment - this needs to happen within 90 days

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