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About Netizen

Netizen is one of the mobile retail banking products of Netbank that offers a full range of banking services that are low-cost, convenient, safe for Filipinos worldwide, and solve the unique banking need of our Kababayang Pinoy OFWs.

Netbank (A Rural Bank) Inc. formerly known as Community Rural Bank of Romblon (Romblon), Inc. is a fully regulated Filipino Rural Bank. 

With OFWs in mind, we offer;

  • ​Low-cost foreign transfers from the country where you work to your Netizen Php Savings Account. 

  • Easy money transfers to your family, to their bank account, or via cash-out from our network of agents.

  • Simple Banking and Control over your hard-earned money.

  • Remittance Service with our partner Wise

  • Regulars Savings earning interest

  • Time Deposit up to 5% interest rate per annum

  • Pay your Family bills in the Philippines

  • Mobile Reload to your loved ones in the Philippines

Netizen also aims to help OFWs secure their financial future by giving financial advice, services, guidance, and tips to them and their family. From advice on investment, savings, budgeting, and government benefits to buying insurance, you can manage your whole finances through the Netizen App on your mobile anywhere you are.
Netizen is available both overseas and in the Philippines. Our banking services are eligible for any Filipino. You can open a personal account and even for your family members by downloading the app available on Google Play and Apple Store.

Deposits are insured by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC) and regulated by Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), providing a guarantee from the Philippines’ government that deposits up to PhP500,000 will always be paid back to you.

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Young Paul Raneses 

The man-leading nuclear and White-Labeled Banking App

Head of Mobile Banking & Networks

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" Pinoy OFWs already face a lot of predicaments and banking shouldn’t be one of them. By recognizing this and their unique needs and challenges, Netizen is compelled to solve the most prevailing issues and concerns of Pinoy OFWs when it comes to their financial and banking transactions."


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©2022 by Netizen powered by Netbank

Netizen Mobile Banking is powered and one of the white-labeled products of Netbank (A Rural Bank) Inc. formerly known as Community Rural Bank of Romblon (Romblon), Inc. 

Netbank (A Rural Bank) Inc. is an entity regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. email: | telephone No. +6328708-7087 | website:

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