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Withdrawal via Cash Out Agents

To support Pinoy OFWs, Netizen also considered your relatives, family, friends, and loved ones that don’t have access to banking services so we enabled our Cash Out Agents. 

You have 2 ways how to Cash Out or Withdraw with your Netizen Savings Account

1. By using Netizen App via Ayannah Network

2. By visiting the physical branches of our Cash Out Partners

Withdrawal by using Netizen App via Ayannah Network


How to do a Cash-Out Transaction on your Netizen Mobile Banking App?

  • Open your Netizen Mobile Banking App

  • Tap "Withdrawal"

  • Select "Sendah Direct or Panalo Express"

  • Input the amount you wish to withdraw or send

  • Provide the "Reference Code" to the person who will claim the money

  • Visit "Panalo Express" if you Select "Panalo Express" and provide the Reference Code and one Valid ID. 

  • Or Visit any Cash Out Agents below if you select "Sendah Direct" and provide the Reference Code and one Valid ID. 

    • Direct Agent 5 (DA5)

    • PeraHub (PetNet)

    • VIP Center (ACM Business Solutions, Inc.)

    • Brigada Pharmacy

    • Card Bank, Inc.

    • Rural Bank of Guinobatan Inc.

Withdrawal by visiting physical branches of our Cash Out Partners

Visit any branches below to make a withdrawal. 

  • MLhuillier

See the locations below:


How much is the fee for Cash Out?

  • Cash Out via Ayannah Network  is 3% of the total amount 

  • Cash Out via Mlhuillier is 2% of the total amount 

Validity Period of a Reference Code using the Netizen App?

The validity period is 31 days or 1 month, If ever unable to claim after 31 days, you need to request the sender to reprocess the transaction to generate a new reference code.

What will happen if the receiver is not able to claim the money within the validity period of the Reference Code from the Netizen App?

When you initiate the transaction it does not debit your account immediately. The account is debited when the operation is approved successfully. You just need to reprocess the transaction and provide a new reference code to the receiver of the funds.

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