Account Maintenance

What is the type of account I will get after the registration?

Regular Savings Account.

How much is the minimum initial deposit?

No minimum initial deposit and No maintaining balance. 


What is the Interest Rate?

0.25% per annum


When will I receive the Interest Rate?



What is the minimum balance to earn interest?

1.00 Php 

Are you offering a Time Deposit?

Yes, you can open a time deposit, just log in to your Netizen Mobile App and tap "Term Deposit.


Minimum:  5,000 Php

Maximum: 2,000,000 Php

  •  3 months with 3% Annual Interest Rate

  •  6 months with 4% Annual Interest Rate

  •  9 months with 4.5% Annual Interest Rate

  •  12 months with 5% Annual Interest Rate



Why I am subject to withholding tax?

Any interest earned from a peso bank deposit will be subjected to a 20% final withholding tax as required by the Bureau of Internal Revenue.


Why is the status of my account “Dormant”?

If the status of your Netizen Savings Account is “Dormant”, it is because there is no activity for 24  months. To Re-Activate your account, you can contact us on Facebook Messenger, or email us at and there will be 50.00 Php Dormancy Fee.



How to view my eStatement?

You can view your transaction history by tapping “Account” on your Netizen app. We do not currently send estatement but will be available on version 2 of the app. 


How can I Log in to my Netizen App?

There are two ways to Log-In:

1. Using the PIN

2. Touch ID or Fingerprint Verification


I can’t Log in to my Netizen App.

If you are unable to Log In to your Netizen App, follow the steps below:


  • Tap Reset

  • Are you sure you want to reset app activation? Tap “Yes”

  • Tap “I have an account”

  • Put the information needed

  • Create a PIN and confirmed it

  • Enable Touch ID or Finger Touch

  • Tap “Start Now”


How can I “Change PIN” and disable “Touch ID”?

Tap on “Help” select Change PIN

To disable Touch ID Tap on “Help” and swipe left with the Touch ID


I want to Change/Update my Account Details.

For account change and update, you may contact us on our Facebook Messenger or send email to to request the change/update. 


What do I do if I change my email address?

To update your email address, you may contact us on our Facebook Messenger or send email to to request the change/update. 


Is my money safe if I lost my phone?

Yes, you cannot log on without your personally created password, and making transfer transactions will require confirming your PIN.

How can I escalate Phishing, dispute, or any other money transfer problems?

For escalations and other immediate assistance, contact us by sending us a message at or on our Facebook page.